Inshore Fishes of Britain and Ireland

Inshore Fishes of Britain and Ireland

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By Lin Baldock and Frances Dipper

 Fish form a colourful and important element of our inshore marine fauna, much appreciated by divers and snorkellers.  However, identifying and recording these highly mobile animals underwater can be daunting. This book provides a practical field guide approach to identifying the commonly-seen inshore fish species found around Britain and Ireland. It explains how fish can be identified in the field by divers and snorkeller and to what degree of precision. Clear text, supported by numerous photographs of the fish in their natural environment, allows identification to species level in most cases. However, when this is not possible underwater, this is clearly indicated.

 Similar looking fish with similar ways of life are grouped together and where appropriate introductory pages set out shared family (such as gobies) or other group (such as flatfish) identifying characteristics. The following pages in each section then describe the primary (unique) identifiers for the species in that group. Species pages also include other useful material such as preferred habitat, and colour variations. Vagrant and rare species are also included where appropriate.

  • More than 150 individual species descriptions, each with information on size, depth range, habitat and distribution in the familiar Seasearch guide icon format.
  • Text emphasising the key features for identification and possible confusions.
  • Expanded ‘stories’ highlighting particular species, behaviour or issues.
  • Underwater photographs showing each species in situ.
  • Line drawings to emphasise key features and illustrate similarities/differences.
  • A confidence guide to identify which species are easily recognised and which require closer examination and confirmation.
  • Additional information on protected species in Britain and Ireland, taxonomy, shifting distributions etc.
Inshore Fishes of Britain and Ireland is the latest in the series of specially created Seasearch field guides designed for divers and snorkellers and perfect for identifying marine life after being in the water.